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School Consolidation Fund


Contributed to Oklahoma Education as of 3/15/2022

Millions to Education

The Oklahoma Lottery has contributed over $1 BILLION to Oklahoma Education since its start in 2005. Funds are deposited monthly into the Oklahoma Education Lottery Trust Fund where it is appropriated into school budgets by the State Legislature and allocated for use by District Administration. As sales continue to grow, the Oklahoma Lottery is able to increase the amount of money contributed to help benefit students and teachers.

Millions to Winners

In FY2021, the Oklahoma Lottery paid out over $224 MILLION in total prizes to players. To date, 72 MILLIONAIRES have been created in Oklahoma including 45 Powerball jackpot winners and 11 Mega Millions jackpot winners.

Millions to Retailers

The Oklahoma Lottery has more than 1,900 retailers statewide. In FY2021, Oklahoma Lottery net sales totaled more than $346.8 MILLION, bringing a huge boost to the state’s economy. During that year, more than $22.2 MILLION was paid in commission to retailers for selling and cashing lottery tickets. As partnerships with local and chain retailers continue, their businesses win.